The idea behind SotM-EU

The SotM-EU is an OpenStreetMap conference by and for the European OpenStreetMap community. Of course, this event also adresses everybody interested in learning something about OpenStreetMap or in contacting members of the Community.

The European version of the SotM mainly takes place in the years in which the international SotM ventures outside of Europe. The predecessor for the SotM-EU in Karlsruhe is the SotM-EU which took place in Vienna.

Photo by Benedikt Eibner, CC-BY

At the core of the conference we'll of course have lots of talks. Over two days, lectures about everything to do with OpenStreetMap are held to in two parallel tracks. We're aiming to present different perspectives of OpenStreetMap - the technical, the community, and the user side.

The presentations will be complemented with lightning talks and the opportunity of spontaneous meetings in small groups (“Birds of a Feather”).

But at the same time, a conference like this is of course an excellent opportunity to get together and chat. Extended breaks, having coffee together, lunch and evening events will provide ample opportunity for that.

Due to our proximity to France here at the Karlsruhe venue, we would like to take this opportunity to reinforce the contact with our western neighbors. This will manifest itself both in collaboration during the run-up to the conference as well as during the conference in a special programme selection.