Footway from Europaplatz to conference

The E2 tram (coming from the South, from the main railway station) stops at a southern stop position at Europaplatz. You can see it here:

The E1 tram (coming from the East, from the city centre) stops at a stop position slightly east of Europaplatz, in this photo:

From Europaplatz, walk north along Karlstraße. This is how it looks like:

At the northern end of Karlstraße, turn left and immediately turn right again, into Seminarstraße:

A bit further down the road you'll pass Bismarck:

At the end of Seminarstraße, turn left into Moltkestraße:

You'll pass the Mensa building (where we'll have lunch but that's for later):

Finally you'll reach the main entrance of the university. Cross Moltkestraße, go past the flags, and follow the SotM-EU signs.

You'll walk through the green past building A:

That's it, you're at Building B where our reception is:

It's a 5 to 10 minute walk all together, depending on your walking speed.