Call for Presentations

Now as the cold time of the year is approaching many of you are spending the long and dark evenings working on some OpenStreetMap related projects like some tool, some mapping project or some creative use of the OpenStreetMap data. Maybe you think it would be nice to share your work with a larger European community next summer? Then we invite you to submit a presentation (closed now) to the State of the Map Europe (SOTM-EU) conference in Karlsruhe, Germany in June next year.

Where and when

The SOTM-EU will take place in Karlsruhe from June 13-15,. The conference will be hosted at Hochschule Karlsruhe. On Friday and Saturday there will be talks, and Sunday will be a hack day for practical work and discussion.

Your presentation

We would like SOTM-EU to be a platform for OpenStreetMap communities from across Europe, as well as for geodata professionals, cartographers and researchers, for sharing experiences, stories and knowledge around the OpenStreetMap project. In case

we invite you to submit a presentation proposal to the SOTM-EU programme committee. Are you involved with a local project anywhere in Europe? SOTM-EU is a great opportunity to present it to a Europe-wide audience. Regular talks will be 20 minutes long with five minutes for discussion. In addition we will offer the opportunity for shorter five minute lightning talks. You can submit both types of presentation in advance on the website. However, for the lightning talks there will also be the possibility of spontaneous registration at the conference. The conference language is English.

Your submissions will be reviewed by a programme committee consisting of OpenStreetMap community members from various parts of Europe as well from the Hochschule Karlsruhe.

Talk submission

Talks can be submitted (closed) on the SOTM-EU web site where you will also find more information and updates on the conference. You should submit by February 28. March 17.

We're looking forward to seeing you in Karlsruhe in June!

The SOTM-EU programme committee